The history of Avernakø marina in short terms

The history of Avernakø marina in short terms.

The fund of the independent institution Avernakø bådehavn was established  in 1991 and Avernakø marina was founded 1992 – 93.

The marina has kept its originally shape on the outside, but with the center landing stage as the only one to begin with.

From the very beginning the marina was well visited and shortly after the establishment a minor kiosk was set up as well.

During the year of 2003-2004 the marina was enhanced by a regular landing stage alongside a part of the eastern pier and during the same time period the evocative marine café was established.

Previously at eastern winds the marina often suffered an unruly reservoir, which in 2005 led to the extension of the eastern pier, which has given steady waters inside the marina, at any wind directions.

In 2010 new bath and toilet facilities was established.

In 2012 yet a new landing stage was established alongside the western pier and the landing stage alongside the eastern pier was once again enhanced. At the same time a new slipway with a mast crane was established, porches across the stone piers as well as a substantial enlargement of the marine cafe.

In 2013 a so called bubble plant was established to prevent ice from building up inside the marina, causing damage to boats, landing stages and other material.  






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