The Café


In association to Avernakø marina we have a small café, which have been extended significantly in 2012 and now contains a regular restaurant kitchen.

It seeds up until about 25 guests indoors and about the same outside, in our spacious porch.

During the year of 2014, the café will be run by Gitte Sørensen, whom will be planning following upcoming events for the season: 



Avernakø harbourcafé 2018

Openinghours :

June: 9.00 am. - 7.00 pm.

July: 9.00 am. - 9.00 pm.

August: 9.00 am. - 9.00 pm.


For lunch and dinnercourses find information at the café


Allday: Coffie /thea with homebaked cake/cheesesandwiches/ pancakes with icecream - icecream and icelollies as the children knows them as well as a wide rnge of our own icecream.

Furthermore surprices will accur.


20 dkr. per 2 hours and 50 dkr. for the day

At the Café we also sell products from our farmshop. For example herbal salt, marmalade and homebaked bread.

Contact: Phonenumber: 4529809986 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are looking forward to se you

On behalf of the staff at the Café

Gitte Sørensen    








Openinghours :                                                                                   Come and visit us at

June: 9.00 am. - 7.00 pm.                                                                Avernakø Harbourcafé 

July: 9.00 am. - 9.00 pm.

August: 9.00 am. - 9.00 pm.                                                             We are much more than a nice Café with     

                                                                                                              good food, beverages, ice cream and cake. 


20 dkr. per 2 hours and 50 dkr. for the day                                             "Hug the crab"




















The natural corner

Here it is possible to get help at being creative in the nature, using the nature.

We have fun fishing, making bonfire an lots of other activities.

Opening hours at The natural corner:

10.00 pm. - 12.00 pm. and 3.00 am. - 5.00 am.

Price: 50 dkr. includes participation in one activity, matrials and guiding.

The planned activities can be changed do to the weather or specific wishes from the participants      


'Find the tadpole' 'Hug the crab'

is always open. And for only 25 dkr. one can explore on your own.



















Insalata Caprese _______________________________________________________________65 Dkr.

Club Sandwich_________________________________________________________________55 Dkr.

Porkmeatballs with potato salad___________________________________________________70 Dkr.

Goatsausage with dinner bread and salad____________________________________________60 Dkr.

Cold roast veal with tunacustard and focaccia bread___________________________________98 Dkr.

Shooting star__________________________________________________________________110 Dkr.

Roast of the day with sauce and new potatos________________________________________ 145 Dkr.

Vegestablepie with salad_________________________________________________________65 Dkr.

Brunch_______________________________________________________________________95 Dkr.

Suprice of the day: Check out the board at the cadé

Coffie/Tea____________________________________________________________________25 Dkr.

Pastry_______________________________________________________________________30 Dkr.

Pancakes with homemade icecream_______________________________________________45 Dkr.




Draught beer_________________________________________________________________30/50 Dkr.

Ø-Bryg______________________________________________________________________45 Dkr.

Wine (70 cl)__________________________________________________________________110/230 Dkr.

Juice or squash_______________________________________________________________30 Dkr.

Soft drinks__________________________________________________________________25 Dkr.







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