Avernakø marina

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The marina at Avernakø accommodates about 90 boat spaces. About 20 of which are marked as permanent mooring spaces (red signs). We expect that visitors at the marina will respect this, and keep clear of these spaces.

The marina offers about 20 alongside mooring spaces on the first row towards the bridge.

Biggest ships in the marina: Length about 15 meters and draught: about 2,4 meters.

Water levels: The difference between middle high tide and middle low tide is about 0,2 meters. Wind between N and E can result in up until 1,3 meters of high tides and wind between SW and W can result in up until 1,0 meters of low tide.

Entering the marina: The marina is positioned on top the N-headland of Avernakø. From the headland Avernakø trille comes out from NE. The ground around the Trille is very steep. Ships entering the marina from W, will maintain a position straight E for about 200 meters after having past the green nun positioned on the north side of the trille.

Speed limits: 3 knots

Demarcation: At the N-side the Avernakø trille is marked  by a black nun. SE of this a green pole positions the approachel of the marina.

Beacon: Please look at the map.

Cables: Please look at the map. Cables are marked with a cable beacon   

Anchorage: Smaller ships may anchor at the E-side of Avernakø Trille. Pay extra attention at changing winds. If the weather turns on-shorewind, the anchorage may turn dangerous do to the steep ground close at land.

SKAT, Toldvejledning
Phone: +45 72 22 12 12
Homepage: www.skat.dk
Marina area of Avernakø bådehavn:

The belonging seaarea ofAvernakø bådehavn is limited to the N by the pier, to the S by beach E and W by piers.



The homepage of Avernakø marina has been made with support from The European Community and The Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs according to the program of rural affairs and fisheries development.  

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F.D.S.I Avernakø Bådehavn  •  Hovedvejen 26  •  Avernakø    email mail@avernakohavn.dk